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With ‘Deviant’, ACCVSED unleashes the focus track of their upcoming debut EP, ‘House of Doubt’. It captures the feeling of exposing yourself to the world outside, knowing deep down that anxiety and estrangement will always be a part of you. Combining massive grooves with a soaring synth melody, blending them with furious screams and a captivating hook, “Deviant” pushes boundaries once more, leaving fans eager to see what ACCVSED will create in the future. After the band started touring across Germany in late 2022, sharing the stage with scene heavyweights like thrown, half me and consvmer, they released their highly acclaimed singles “What We’ll Never Be”, “Currents”, and “House of Doubt”, which gained them editorial attention and regular placements in curated playlists. Following their latest single, “Unraveled”, ACCVSED will release their highly anticipated debut EP “House of Doubt” in December 2023. As a dedicated collection of songs that deal with topics like anxiety, self-doubt, and interpersonal relations, it will find those in search of a breath of fresh air in modern metalcore.

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