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A depraved mind; seeking forgiveness; shifting from delusion to purpose; finding solace in acceptance.


Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Half Me are one of the newest additions to the Arising Empire roster. The band alternates from gut wrenching breakdowns to brutal riffs and merciless, yet elegant vocals all while blending in 90's nu-metal highlights and audio samples.


Debuting with five singles, the release of 'Exitwound' (featuring Jack Bergin of Void Of Vision) [2021] has landed the band in the spotlight of KNOTFEST’s “Countdown to Oblivion“ and garnered editorial media attention.


With 'Trauma Culture' released later that year, it was 'Wraith' and 'Half Me' [2022] that had the band span their creative prowess and formulate the significance of both brutality and reconciliation in their sound.


Continuously provoking divergent responses from personalities such as Nick Hipa (Ex-As I Lay Dying) , Chris Turner (Oceans Ate Alaska) and JT Carvey (ERRA) on Nic Nocturnal’s stream, has rightfully brought the band to the forefront of the international scene.


Half Me has their sights set on releasing the highly anticipated debut album 'Soma' and are sure to make it worth the wait. The latest installment 'Ex Negativo' featuring Marcus Lundqvist of thrown was released in January 2023. With their dedication to crafting a fresh sound and their determined work ethic, they are a band to keep an eye out for.

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